Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visual Hiaku :Fruits of Summer

Heat hammered Venice
Maze'd Beauty burned our throats
Harry's bar? not far

No sangria please
or watermelotini
Classic Bellini

wanna read more Haiku wif' visual support? Mosey over to Pam's place--she is our beloved hostess:


pam said...

Oh yum, now you are talking my language tonight. Delish, refreshing, I'll take one Bellini now please!

fishy said...

Er .... I mighta tried one of the watermelontinis ! Bueautiful refreshing looking visuals and very entertaining prose.

Buzz Kill said...

"Maze'd Beauty burned our throats" and your feet too. We were on a Sangria when we were in Portugal last year. I think I like them better then Bellinis but I've never had one in Italy so it's not a fair comparison.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Mrs. Karl is quite fond of Prosecco, she would love these.

Aunty Belle said...

PamOKC, the Bellini is incredibly light and refreshing--made wif' white peaches.

Fishy, a watermelotini is truly a close runner up.

BuzzK, Portugal? Vinho Verde for a white Sangria!!

Ah, Polite Mr. Karl, yore missus can come fer a spell on the porch ANYtime--Prosecco is Aunty's all time preferred libation....and Vinho Verde is next.

LaDivaCucina said...

Prosecco, eh? Have you tried it with a bit of Limoncello or Campari?

LOVE bellinis and white sangria. Thanks for the vinho verde tip, I made some yesterday with sauv. blanc. Salud and bottoms up!

intuitive eggplant said...

Well, dang, Auntie, just dang. How many blogs, lives, and travels you got goin' on? And how the heck did I miss this one? Guess I be sufferin' from new day-job overload, then I got all caught up in tryin' to do justice to the Smackdown judgin' - and then got gob-smacked with the news that Buffalo Dick died unexpectedly Monday morning. The whole combination of events made gettin' up that smackdown winners post a real writing challenge to hit the right note. Hope I managed to pull it off, along with everything else that's goin' these days. Thank goodness I begged off my high school reunion tonight. Dealin' with a bunch of ole people I don't remember and wouldn't recognize woulda jes sent me over the edge.