Wednesday, May 26, 2010


CHeck out other entries fer Movie Clip Wednesday at Boxer-Babe's place

The Theme this week wuz DOCUMENTARY

Iffin' y'all has read Aunty fer a spell then y'all already know how suspicious I is of food sources--yep I is a Monsanto BIGOT! Proud of it too. Aunty thinks growin' some of yore vittles is jes' smart the rest locally and organically iffin' ya can--here's why:


Boxer said...

I haven't eaten meat in over twenty years, but vegetables aren't safe either.

This is an amazing documentary and one that should be shown in every school across this country. It's where I learned a chicken Mcnugget actually has more corn in it than "chicken."

Great pick and I'm really glad you're in this week.

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer, I hear ya!

I ain't vegtarian, but I eat less meat than I used too.

me an Uncle had wild turkey breast last night, an many nights we have venison--meat that ain't fiddled wif'.

ALl the E.coli recalls...ugh. Fish wif' mercury... it's a wonder we ain't all ADD or autistic or depressed or obese or --wait! Most of us is!

We jes' all need to grow some of our own vittles.

Hope yore week smooths out.

moi said...

I need to see this. I eat meat, too, but as game as possible. Venison, elk, buffalo, local-caught fish like trout and catfish. Duck, rabbit, small game birds. All of it animals who get to live free in the wild, eat what they were supposed to eat, and are given a clean, quick death.

Buzz Kill said...

Solent green is people! But it's ok with a little ketchup and hot sauce. Bwahahaha

I haven't seen this and I don't want to. I've got enough to worry about.

Happy MCW!