Sunday, September 26, 2010

DIM SUM SUNDAY:easy as pie biscuits

Our own bloggy food critic and food photographer extraordinaire, Big Shamu, at Karmic Kitchens hosts an occasional Dim Sum Sunday, a fun romp in the kitchen accordin' to the theme of the moment.

I remembered that when I woke up an cruised the net--oh NO! I meant to participate this time....

This time, DSS is bread. No, thas' BREAD! Nuthin' like the basics, the staff of life. But bread ain't really basic, more foundational. Is anythang more versatile?

S'okay, short on time, I knowed nuthin' yeasty was comin' from mah kitchen this mornin', like a buttery brioche that I'se been thinkin' of investigatin' as a home project-- but some day I aim to try my hand at that... nor could I whip out a perfect Pantone, cause that needs to wait 'til Christmas.

I needed somethin' fast an' easy that wouldn't use every bowl in the cupboard. Somethin' soul satisfyin', somethin' even a novice cook could make an' shine like a star.

Uncle is stalkin' deer like Robin Hood down at his huntin' camp, so I'se relishin' a quiet Sunday mornin' jes' putterin' about the place. Why not celebrate wif' a favorite treat, Hot Southern Biscuits? It shure would be a change from my regular Ezekiel Bread toast an' cawfee. Sounds too easy? Some would differ--not ever'body has a light hand wif' biscuits, in fact some regularly produce hockey pucks.. Oh no, sweet chillens, these here biscuits is a marvel -- light and the easiest ever to make biscuits!

One bowl, two ingredients, 15 minutes, 3000 calories. Perfect.

Pre heat oven to 400 (convection) 425 (conventional)
Grease (lightly) a baking sheet

For 6 real true Southern Biscuits measure out
1 cup self-rising flour (sifted)
1/2 cup +1 tbs heavy cream

put flour in small bowl, make a well in the center, pour the cream in the well an' stir until flour is jes' moist --trick of "light" biscuits is not to overstir!

Drop by tablespoon onto the greased baking sheet an' slide into the oven fer 9-11 minutes.

Iffin' youse a purist an' ya' has a verrrrrrrry light touch, pat/ roll the dough onto a floured linen cloth (or marble slab) and cut out biscuits wif' a biscuit cutter ( or a jelly jar if youse a Cracker purist).

While yore biscuits bake, grind some cawfee and make a pot in a French Press.

Set out some of that homemade peach jam Cuzin Kate brung ya'. Y'all, I ain't shure I has had mah fill of fresh peaches, an' now the summer is over. Sigh. This homemade peachy jam is summer in a jar!

At the nine minute mark check yore biscuits--please doan let 'em overbake! They should be jes' turnin toasty when ya take 'em out.

Now, please ...doan spare the butter on them hot biscuits, y'all.

Note: Some folks prefer their biscuits "short" meanin' the ratio of shortenin' to flour is high--an this recipe is dern shure high fat ratio an' thus qualifies as "short." You'll find it rolls out purty and makes a real good short (flat top) biscuit.

Other's prefer "fluffy" biscuits, which is the result of less fat to flour ratio. To achieve a fluffier result with the two ingredient method, simply use half & half in place of heavy cream, but use just 1/2 cup.

The utility of this method is that you skip entirely the step of cutting shortening or butter into the flour--the traditional method of preparing biscuit dough. By usin' self rising flour the measuring and sifting of salt and baking powder/soda is skipped.

Aunty admits that super -purists of the Ole Southern Biscuits will be able to detect these short cuts because the use of a pastry blender to cut the shortening into the flour creates a flakier crumb--but only one in 100,000 is able to discern that, an' they all have "Belle" in they names.


Anonymous said...

Dern it Belle,
Made me wish I'd come to the Porches for breakfast this morning. Does Uncle know you make biscuits while he is huntin'? I can't find the words about how far out the Blowfish lip would be iffen I did such a sin.

moi said...

I was hoping you would do biscuits because it's the one bread I struggle with. BTW, how do you like your Miele?

intuitive eggplant said...

My, oh, my. Those biscuits and peachy jam sound like they made for a perfect, quite breakfast. Happy DSS!

Aunty Belle said...


youse welcome on the porch any mornin'! Iffin' yosue lucky Cuzin Kate's peach jam won't be all gone.


goodness, Sugar, I KNOW ya can make biscuits--jes' throw in some chopped jalepeno an you'll be so at home it'll come to ya' natural. The Miele? This one is a convertible--either micro or convection. Performs accordin' to it's claim--but
'tis a miserable chore to keep the thang clean. Not sure I'd choose it again.

Hey hey..yes, a slow mornin' but a quick bread. Yore San Fran sojourn sounded divine! Reckon youse food inspired fer months to come.

Buzz Kill said...

Those look great and I almost missed them. You need to let everyone know you have a biscuit in the oven over at Shamu's. Sad to say the only biscuits I make are with Bisquick. Yeah, I know but it's quick (as advertised) and the kids will eat them although they prefer corn muffins.

Big Shamu said...

What????? I never knew this was here?? Biscuits are the best and my go to bread. I never can get enough of peaches in any form. So glad you participated in Dim Sum Sunday.