Sunday, January 15, 2012

Haiku Monday:Treasure

Haiku Monday this week is hosted by the inimitable Chickory. Her theme is TREASURE. Ain't that an inspiration? What does y'all treasure most in the world?

Do yoreself a big ole favor an check out what all the bloggers posted fer their entries this week--an' why not scribble one yoreself? Thar's akshul prizes to be won!!


Cold stars watch with me;
Dreaming, Hunter's hand guards his
fragile poet's heart.

[ Y'all, I done put an addition to the post 'bout Uncle on the Front Porch --yep, tellin' a tale on him--how he taught Granny Cracker to take a sip or two. Jes' some ole history that explains a few t hangs 'bout Uncle an' me]


Anonymous said...

Aunty I believe there is a host of bloggers keeping vigil with you .
Beautiful haiku on a rare treasure. Clearly the firmament is on your page with heart clouds or constellations keeping you close. Godspeed.


moi said...

What Fishy said. Except if you let Uncle read your haiku, he's likely to puff up even more than usual and that may not be a good thing before his procedure :o)

chickory said...

spare and gorgeous. I can feel your vigil through the screen. sending love to you and Uncle.

Jean said...

That brought tears.

Strength to you and uncle.

czar said...

We've got the heathens' prayers covered here.

Thinking of you and Uncle.

Rafael said...


Beautiful words and sentiment.

Blessing to both of you and MUCH goodwill--


Aunty Belle said...

youse a dear--the firmament--indeed.

youse eggsactly right! An BTW, Uncle luved yore prayer.


I mighta been feelin' worriet--an' it came through in that Haiku--too many hospital vigils in the last two years.

How sweet! I admire your Haikus.


Heathen prayers? Oh those is effective--see how well ya done?? (Front Porch post)

yore name is angelic, ya know? The Archangel Rafael was a healer--yore blessin' is a treasure.


Uncle did jes' teriffic--an the Doc is a whiz--Uncle comes home Tuesday, an' we'll be discoverin' what a bionic man is like--heh--they do say he will soon feel so good he woan recognize hisself.

Ain't this happy happy news?