Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday: One Hit Wonders

The theme this week is a really good one--actors and actresses who make one memorable movie then....disappear.

It seems to Aunty that this heah category especially marks out chile' actors. Many of 'em is chosen for some quality that in a chile' is grand, but doan always translate as they grow up, or, they grow up an' is damaged in the process by the whole actin' milieu. Often it be real sad, but sometimes not--I heered that one of the kids in Encounters of the Third Kind went on to be veterinarian or somethin'.

Anyhoo, I done singled out Harvey Stephens, a British chile' actor, in honor of Joanna Cake (Cakey-Pie!) who is our hostess for Movie Clip Wednesday while Boxer continues her hostess hiatus.

Stephens starred in one of what remains one of the most frightenin' movies I'se ever seen. It's a David Selzer screenplay that won an Oscar fer the music. Wif Gregory Peck an' Lee Remmick as his daddy an' mama'. Harvey Stephens played the chile' Damian in THE OMEN. Even the trailer below unnerves me.

Stephens, 41 years ole' now, went on to work at the London Stock Exchange.

Movie is jes' plain creepy.


Aunty Belle said...

Iffin' I ain't mistaken, the kid in The Shining wuz also a one shot movie kid, too. Mebbe makin' freak-out scary movies as a kid ruins 'em fer any other movie?

moi said...

Yup, and Linda Blair fell into obscurity as well, although she now runs a highly regarded animal rescue and is a very vocal advocate for pit bulls.

The Omen is one of the few movies that truly scares me, the Exorcist and Paranormal Activity being the other two.

Glad you decided to play because this is a great pick!

63mago said...

Hello, great choice! Another film I forgot to have seen. I think Gregory Peckory choose it because he had not much to do but staring bigeyed into the camera.

Buzz Kill said...

I always thought The omen was a documentary because I know so many kids like that. Bwahahhaha Excellent choice and you're right about Danny Lloyd who played Danny Torrence in the Shining. He never made another movie after this one. Jack Nicholson probably scarred him for life.

Happy MCW!

Aunty Belle said...

Weird, huh, folks? The one hit movie kids category.

BuzzK, I'se howlin'--youse a stitch. A documentary--hahaha!

Gregory Peck WUZ big-eyed in thos movie, but gracious, who wouldn't be??

Oh mah--yep, Linda Blair too...ok, it's freakin' me out--cause I does think that Christopher Reeves? ah, yeah.

Joanna Cake said...

Im LMAO at the thought that starring in a horror movie is the best preparation for a successful career on the London Stock Market. Freud would have a field day!

Great call, Aunty, as I have never heard of this actor - but then, you know what Im like about horror films :)

Thanks for playing x