Friday, June 17, 2011

I Doan Know What I'se Doin'

Wait a minute....I'se real confused.

I read some stats from blogger. It doan match sitemeter's data.

The most page views ever--accordin' to blogger is this post:

Did ya' Kill the Fat Man?

I re-read the comments an' had a real belly laugh. (not the most comments, but the most page views)

But do any body of y'all know why the Blogger stats an' the Sitemeter stats ain't in agreement?

Should I care?

I doan care, akshully. Fergit the question.

I'se playin' wif' all thangs Blogger--the templates, the gidgets, an' realize I doan "follow" nobody, or read 'em in Reader, or RSS 'em or link or ...or anythang. Does y'all do all that?


fishy said...

Very minimal since I found out the crawlers establish part of the profiles on you for targeted advertising based on those very statistics.

LaDivaCucina said...

I look at all the posts through google reader to see what I want to click on. Some times that's all I have time for and don't actually go to the blog, wonder if that counts on site meter? I only comment on the post so the blogger knows instead of liking a page through the reader.

foam said...

i've gotten rid of all sitemeters and statcounters a few years ago. they were getting on my nerves. this blogger statcounter just confuses me.
i do use google reader .. once i realized that it was there. it's easier for me to see updates that way besides going to the blogger dashboard.