Monday, May 30, 2011

Haiku Monday

Pam OKC wuz last week's winner--an her theme this week is Cliche--ain't that clever??

Moi is hostin' fer Pam (who be's real busy) so take a peek at Moi's to see what all others submitted.

Best of luck to all!

Hard to Swallow

Egg on your face, mate?

You got your just desserts. Piece

of cake? Humble Pie!

Like, um, you know?

Mark my words, it gets

my goat when kids talk that way

twenty-four seven.

What a Difference a Syllable Makes

April Showers bring

May flow: Old Man River heaves.

Open the flood gates!


moi said...

Wow, Aunty, given your deadlines, these are top contenders in my opinion! "Like, Um, You know" is brilliant. Actually, they all are. Good luck!

fishy said...

Still laughing , like you know? it was funny!

pam said...

I love all of these. All of them. ALL of them.

fishy said...

Still smiling!
Congratulations on the win .... really looking forward to next weeks subject. Hoping it will be a multi entry, visual game :-)