Monday, May 9, 2011

Haiku Monday: First Kiss

Y'all go take a peek at Fleurdeleo's blog, Fleur's Pearls to see how Haiku Monday is shapin' up--theme is FIRST KISS--reckon y'all can do a whole lot wif' that.

I shure hope that the visuals count muchly, since mine doan click until ya pair it wif' the visual.

Forbidden delight!
Stolen silver pyramid,
Mama knew, then smiled.


fishy said...

You are a fine classic Aunty,
chocolate kisses indeed. Does you remember
all the way back to too young for chocolate?

Your Mama was nice, seems to me I recollect some hand slappin. Hope your Monday is a fine one.

moi said...

Perfect haiku, Aunty! So clever and sweet.