Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday:Flood

Well now, this ain't a flood movie like Noah--it is struggle of a family to save their farm in the face of floods, hard times (1930s) and the march of "progress". The performance of Sissy Spacek is Oscar worthy--an' was nominated. An' then, truly now, a young Mel Gibson did have dreamy eyes.

Sorry for the Spanish dubbing--did not see an English version but ya' will see the merit of the selection anyhow, I hope.


chickory said...

i remember this movie. I miss sissy spacek. I saw her recently in "get low" which was filmed right here in crawforville jawja. I was looking at pictures from the iowa floods. nobody is blaming Obama or looting stores or demanding that fema fix it right now. no telethons. what a bunch of -well never mind. i swear though, aunty/

happy MCW

Aunty Belle said...

Nope, Chick9 , they ain't is they?

Them tornadoes jes' up an whirled their fury around over the land all on their own No presidential directive like ole Bush give to Katrina. A half state turned to matchsticks an' all the obamanation can say is "I'm surprised" What? No teleprompter?

How about withholdin' aid from Texas but dishin' it out fer lesser disasters like North Carolina? Oh, wait--what am I thinkin'? North Carolina voted Demo, din't it? AN' Texas is a red state--see? The great unifier at work.

Bomb Libya an' no Chris Matthews shiverin' over the civilian dead? Keep Guantanamo an Huffpo still gushes over yore "insight"?

Why do Americans of red or blue put up wif' this Chicago goon? Make me empress of the cosmos an' that traitor is on a chain gang in Pyongyang.

Spacek is an interesting actress--she takes unexpected roles.

Joanna Cake said...

There are degrees of aid in your country depending on the voting of the State concerned, Aunty? Democracy gone mad!

But, on a lighter note, Sissy and Mel both look good to the eye and play their roles well. Nice call, Aunty!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,
When you're the puppet of the big money that signs the media paychecks even major screw up's will be spun into glorious accomplishment.

I think the Spanish subtitles made this clip fun. I haven't seen this, not sure why. I really enjoyed Sissy Spacek in Coal Miner's Daughter.

Buzz Kill said...

The River is a depressing movie but a good choice for a flood. And Sissy Spacek will always be Carrie to me.

Happy MCW!

63mago said...

Gibson once was sober?

Amazing ...