Monday, February 6, 2012

Haiku Monday:Metallic Sounds

Serendipity is our hostess this week, an' her theme be Metallic sounds.

Doan poetry natcherly lend itself to sound? Grand theme!

Heah is mah two entries:

Muffled clink of coins
riding in your pocket;"Bye... ."
Gate clangs in green dawn.

Dwong! Dwong! Throaty bells
vibrate o'er Venetian bay-
Spring break: Italy!


Anonymous said...

Here is the address Aunty:

Scout said...

Aunty - I love your Venetian bells haiku! Wow! The only place I ever wanted to go see in all my life was Venice. And I did, too! There is no lovelier sound than the bells ringing in st. Mark's square. Your poem took me back, a stolen moment in a busy day where I got lost in Venetian springtime. Grazi!

serendipitouswildmoments said...

Hi Aunty,

You did a great job on those bells, and it won you special mention. Glad to see that cantankerous Uncle is doing fine.