Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday

HAIKU Monday Theme for March 7th is here.

Out favorite punch thrower, BOXER, is hostess of Movie Clip Wednesday--she announces a theme an we scour the innerweb fer clips for our submission for the movie that best represents that theme--y'all come play!

Political Thriller

"I don't interest myself in why..."

From Sydney Pollack in 1975, THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR

Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, Cliff Robertson--a very young Redford, a very young Dunaway star in a early suspicion that "The Company" eats its own.

Redford had the introvert's dream job, complete wif' rimless hippie spectacles, of jes' sittin' in a nice Georgetown house readin' newspapers and articles ...jes' a nice non-violent dreamer's job of lookin' fer patterns. He's low man on the totem pole, an' sent off to fetch lunch fer the office--only to return an' find the Valentine Massacre came a'callin'. Ever'body daid, 'cept our boy. An he knows that they know he ain't daid--an the fun begins. What wuz it all about? Well, it's still about the same thang--take a look.


Boxer said...

I totally missed this movie or if I saw it, I can't remember and I think I would because I remember everything I saw with Robert Redford.

I'm also a fan of Sydney Pollack, so this will go on my list for future watches. Thank you for playing this week!

(BTW, the link from the Front Porch wasn't working)

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Boxer-babe!!

Sorry for the failed link--fixed it now.

I think it is a good movie--an the main theme still applies. Blond fellas ain't mah usual preference, but Redford wuz a dern good one--though he ain't aged too well.

HAppy MCW!

moi said...

One of my faves of the genre, and I nearly chose it (Marathon Man was third). Redford was very appealing when young, but he just didn't age well. Nor do I care for his politics :o). Faye, on the other hand, still looks amazing. Happy MCW, Aunty!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Auntie Belle,

Wow, it's been a long time, since I've seen this. And it's still all about oil. That was a real good clip. I never noticed it before, but Redford keeps taking his eyes off of the operations director. Not a good thing to do in that situation.

Happy clip day!

Buzz Kill said...

Karl beat me to it. It's always about the oil. I have never seen this but I wonder how close to reality it is?

Happy MCW!

foam said...

haven't seen this one either! there are so many of these i haven't seen it turns out.