Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MCW: Most Overrated Oscar

Boxer-Babe is back at the helm of Movie Clip Wednesday an' this week's theme is WORST OSCAR--oh wait, thas' too dramatic. The theme is Most Overrated Oscar.

Ain't sure if it's worst movie or worst ANYthing that won an Oscar, but since I'se on the road an' have mounds of work to git done, I'se cribbin--from an earlier post fer MCW, I noted that this watery whine ain't fit for anybody over 19 years ole. Yeesh, this is sentimental smarmy -ness. Yick.
HOW could the academy lose its collective mind on this??

But jes' in case the "Worst Oscar" can be applied to other categories? Then mah nominee fer worst winnin' music is ....(the envelope please), guessed it, "My Heart Will Go On" from the same sappy movie!:

It woan even hurt mah feelin's none iffin' ya skip the clip.


Buzz Kill said...

I already commented on this over at Karl's. Smarmy and stupid storyline, but I liked the ship.

Happy MCW!

moi said...

Only good thing about this movie was the disaster at the end. Leo DiCaprio can be a good, even excellent actor. But a romantic lead he is not.

foam said...

i never saw this movie and i'm aiming to keep it this way. so, no titanic clip for me.

Anonymous said...

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