Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday: Favorite Movie set in Winter


Milk River Madman continues to host a favorite, Movie Clip Wednesday, in fine form. Jes' post a snowy/ icy movie clip--try to keep it short--an' go to Madman's an say "I'se up!" Take a look at his place to see what all other MCW players done posted an play along.

Boxer beat me to
Fargo--the first movie that came to mind. So, castin' around fer another, I recalled how Pappy Cracker was moved to tears over Dr. Zhivago--that a "poor fella" could be so torn up over two women. Hrumph! I ain't got No sympathy fer Omar Shariff's dilemma, the trite male fantasy of the good girl wife (Geraldine Chaplin) an the naughty girl mistress (Julie Christie). No wonder the setting has to be bloody war an' frigid cold--what do ya expect?

Thar's some amazin' winter scenes, but none that would persuade this tropical Cracker to move nawth. Oh wait! I could have an excuse to git a Russian lynx coat??

Dr. Zhivago:


Princess said...

I mostly remember the theme music, learning to play it on the Clarinet.
Guess it must have been good to get all those awards and had a pretty good cast to boot.
I'll have to watchit again now to jolt the memory bank. Happy MCW...

Buzz Kill said...

This was one of my mom's favorite movies. She had a crush on Omar Shariff. For me it was OK. Kind of a long movie (over 3 hours) and Lara's Theme was one of the only songs I learned when I was taking piano lessons. Can't play a lick of it now though.

Happy MCW!

moi said...

Like Buzz's, my mother LOVED this movie. The one and only time I ever saw it, in fact, was with her. She was sick with a cold and we spent an afternoon together snuggled in her bed watching this, eating popcorn, and drinking hot toddies. I wasn't a fan of the movie (your assessment of Sharif's trite fantasy is spot on), but I loved my mother, so I didn't let on :o)

Happy MCW, Aunty!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

It must be mothers day, My mother had the soundtrack and played it often. One of the 78s, we've just got rid of. I remember enjoying the score and the scenery in the movie. I saw it on television over two nights and it just seemed long.

You could get the coat for when you visit up north.

fishy said...

Maybe the reason all the moms "loved this movie" is because in the end

Omar DIES :-)

Fine choice Aunty,
the snowy cinnematography is spectacular.

Boxer said...

Sorry I got to Fargo, I had considered this but it wasn't my favorite. Maybe I need to see it as an adult. As a youth, it was long and a tad dry. Still.... Omar!

Milk River Madman said...

So two things. First, is it just me or was Rod Steiger in like, what, half the movies made in the 60's? Second, there's a problem with Zhivago having his cake and another desert? am I missing something here? I don't know about anyone else but I'm cracking myself up over here. Happy MCW.

Aunty Belle said...


Why, ya know--I bet the Zhivago music is wonderful with the clarinet. When we bring mamas into the discussion mine loved Pete Fountain, so we listed to a lot of clarinet growin' up.


Hmmmnn...youse a piano player? Reckon ya seen that movie, The Piano? uh-huh. What theme should MRM suggest so ya can choose The Piano?


Ya ate popcorn an drank toddies? Wif' yore Mama? in bed watchin' movies? Cool Mater ya had. We'll fergive her this lapse in judgment--because it seems (see below )every mother in the 60s sniffled her way through this thang.


Please come to the Front Porch--need your considerable input.

As ger Zhivago--yore Mama too? Mercy--seems Pappy Cracker wuz the odd duck heah--he had such empathy fer Dr. Z. Somehow, I knew even as a sprout that it warn't kosher.

Even iffin' I had the shekels, I doan think I'd have the nerve to wear the lynx--except in Roosia whar' oligarchy is the new art form.


Yes he does. But I doan think thas' the reason-- I think most women liked to look at Omar.


you Fargo snatcher, you!!


Well, wuz hopin' you'd bring us a limerick on NYE, year, youse in debt fer two!

Cake an dessert? Seems to lead to heart failure, doan it?

Great theme.

K9 said...

Recently V and I watched Funny Girl and I turned it off right after she marries nicky arnstein. V was like "whaaaaa?" and I said I couldnt take seeing her lose Omar SHarriff again. grrherhahahaha

Look - affairs of the heart. whatryagonna do? I dont hate Zhivago. I did kind of hate Lara though. But Aunty, i wrote about this over at the dogpen, the best part about ZHivago is the Bolshevik backdrop. Obama voters should be made to watch it "clockwork orange" style.

im up. follow me back to ice planet Hoth.

foam said...

i remember liking zhivago. i remember liking to look at ole omar. but i was such a young whippersnapper then. i don't think i'd have the patience to sit through it now.

Aunty Belle said...


I doan hate Zhivago either--poor sap. Keepin' thangs in check keeps life on even keel. The cost of self indulgence is always more than folks is able to pay.

Snappin' on snow shoes an' comin' to Hoth.


Youse still la whippersnapaper!

foam said...