Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Deer

At Chickory's we were invited to make a DIY garland from instruction Chickory gave--uh, OOOOkay. But, since it wuz all part an parcel of the New Year's Even bash hosted by our beloved Boxer-Babe, I reckon I oughta do may part.


The glueandthescissorsandthepaperpiecesandthestring jes' kept tangling up, glued up, fell off an otherwise wuz obnoxious.

Mah printer is pouting, so I could not print out the Happy New Year template.

Fergit it!

Wait, now, jes' hold on. Iffin' ya make that garland, then Chickory gives another $10 bucks to foster mama, Heather.


But, I had to ad lib a bit. I had an idea.

Whyn't I use Uncle's ole junk clutterin' his desk?

Stray cards, matchbooks, crumpled maps, old Gator football tickets, invitations...whatever wuz cloggin' the back of the drawer.

Happy New Year, Deer.

P.S. I think Heather is Awesome!!


Princess said...

Oh Auntie Belle.
That's just beautiful, Happy New Year...
you worked it out just fine...

foam said...

very pretty!

foam said...

i ad libbed too since i don't use a glue gun ... long story and my printer is broke.

fishy said...

Good job! I hope there was a scrap of fun in this for you. HNY!

chickory said...

aunty -its magnificent. and how PERFECT to dress a dead head with this decoration. love that you incorporated stuff from uncas desk. a masculine garland. I love it. well done and thank you. i know this was a pain but you did it. thanks a million times over and happy new year.

thanks also for your own fun word games and charitable giving. xo

happy new year!

moi said...

Beautiful, Aunty! Was Uncle okay with you nicking a few of his things?