Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesday: Favorite Fantasy Movie

Favorite Fantasy Movie

Gracious--it is Wednesday again, already?

Time fer our blogger meme, Movie Clip Wednesday, hosted by Milk River Madmen, who is really cold up in Montana, so go over an check his post on fantasy movies an' wish him warmth.

Well, now, this were sorta tough.

Akshully, I think James Bond is fantasy. Worried some of y'all might argue wif' that, so I went traditional. First, I hunted around fer a clip from some tense scenes on Lord of the Rings. Wouldn't ya know the embeds wuz disabled? Still...

The Ride or Arwen is worth watchin'--the aerial view at 55-57 is great shot, great horse actors to boot. More important is the message--keep movin' through the horror--doan stop if thar' be only a half a breath left in yore body, DOAN STOP! ( An' what color are her eyes?) Ya' can click to view here. It's jes' 3 minutes.

Next, in sympathy wif' all the snow sufferin' goin' on, I figgered Tilda Swinton as the White Witch would give ya' 2minutes of the real shivers:

But my All Time Favorite Fantasy is ...
.Lady Hawk. Dungeons, slashing swords, evil curses, a clever thief, damsel in distress ---This is early Michele Pheiffer with prime Rutger Hauer --an' a very young Matthew Broderick, who turns in a fantastic performance of comedic genius--though I must say, once again the HORSE actor is a contender--oh wait! The hawk actor is amazin', an the wolf? Whar' can I git me a wolf like that one?? This movie is enchanting--a riddle to solve, a beautiful couple in love cursed by a jealous worm of a being, spectacular scenery, eerie medieval forest, rousin' sword fights...an' fanstastic moon shots--the moon is almost a character.

Two Academy Award nominations fer music, an' the music is, ah, different.

Trouble is, thar' jes ain't no good clips of this movie==very frustratin'. Reckon' this will have to do--but jes order it up from Netflix--you'll be happy ya did--great entertainment.

lady hawke 1


Anonymous said...

Very nice haiku! Why are you posting stuff on a third blog?

Aunty Belle said...

Troll, did you not see mah Haiku on Monday? Aw, shucks--thought you'd like the hummingbird one--the whole nature vibe / Haiku thang.

Get yore own bird?? Turkey gumbo on the menu??

Well, the third blog is an "off laoder" --place to put what is not Back Porch serious, but info, addenda, etc for wither porch--normally Haiku would be on FRONT porch, but the current post wuz still in play so I put Haiku at Ether Capacious--which is where Movie Clip Wed will always go--because between Monday and Wed, there could be a more heffty post wif' discussion an MCW would not be a good interruption.

moi said...

Ruh roh, maybe I like fantasy more than I thought, because I enjoyed Ladyhawke a lot. Also, Tilda Swinton as anything is always a spine tingler. The Swinton, she is epic.

SophieMae said...

I am SO not into fantasy, but Ladyhawke is one of my favourite movies! Perfect choice!

Re Huck, I've been looking around ebay and, as expected, there seems to be a bit of a run on the book. They're going for ridiculous amounts. And some sellers have become completely over-zealous with their asking prices. I have bids in on a couple that, so far, have slipped under the radar. When all is said and done, IMO, a used book is a used book and I refuse to pay $20 for a beat up, kid-weary, dog-chewed edition of anything. Well, maybe if it's the last copy left on the planet. 8-}

Boxer said...

I've never seen Ladyhawke and had no idea Tilda Swinton (who should be in every fantasy movie because she looks unearthly most of the time and I mean that nicely.) was in it. LOVE HER! I'll put it on the list of things to see because if you like it, Aunty, then I'm going to give it a try. Happy MCW and good luck with Granny today. xoxo

Aunty Belle said...


LadyHawke has it all --except shoes. More men sould see this movie--very manly movie if chivalry is a synon for "manly."

Sophie Mae!

I know I know--Looked too. Try the remainder outlets for "classic" versions an' maybe library sales. Makes me think mah own Little Black Sambo must be worth a mint.


no, Tilda ain't in LadyHawke, she is in Chronicles of Narnia--I included that clip today jes' 'cause the weather's been so cold.

It is very young Michele Pheiffer in LadyHawke--and you will LOVE the movie.

fishy said...

Aunty , you is invited to go to the movies with me anytime. Not only did you pick a pair of movies with fine horseflesh, you also picked movies with extraordinary relationships between humans and animals. Lady Hawk is one of my all time most favorite movies. I love the photography, the music, the actors and most of all I love the way this powerful story is depicted.

By the way, I ain't searchin for no Huck Finn copies, I have 2 originals. What I am trying to figure out is what classic will they destroy next? Probably To Kill A Mockingbird.

Buzz Kill said...

I liked Ladyhawke but haven't seen it in years. Matthew Broderick as a Jewish Monk was a little tough for me to buy, but I liked the story line. And Rutger Hauer is a man's man. I've never seen the Chronicles of Narnia and I have tried to watch it several times. A little on the boring side for me.

I wouldn't have argued about James Bond. Doesn't everyone fantasize about being the cool spy?

Happy MCW!

foam said...

i liked ladyhawke. right up my fantasy alley.

chickory said...

lady hawke is good - the animals are the best thing about it. i wonder what ever happened to rutger houer. i liked him. but tilda swinton. she is freaking terrifying!

happy MCW

fishy said...

the names are amazing.
You ever met a man named Rutger?
Or a woman named Tilda?