Monday, February 14, 2011

Haiku Valentine

Jes' fer fun:

Tactile Valentine Video Haiku:

She's no warty toad
nor a hairy black widow
but supple, sleek, soft.

Alternate entry:

Icy fingers thread
mucid worms on rusted hooks,
OUCH! Gigged own numb flesh.

( point of clarification. Is "gigged" two syllables, or one, by yore count. Some say two, an' if you be one of those, then delete "own" to achieve 5 syllable final line.)

Haiku Monday is spearheaded by our own Troll, master bridge dweller at Troll's Stroll. Find all the rules at Troll's blog.

this week the meme is hosted by Fishy, who chose the theme: TACTILE.

Come play wif' us, y'all.


Boxer said...

Wowzer!!! Very cool and very fun. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That's very cool. Is that the program that Red-Eye uses to make the Media Matters Robots?

foam said...

wow!! i love it .. lol.
i didn't know you had a british type accent .. ;)

and i wanna know how to do this tooooo now .......

ps: i think gigged is one syllable.

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

How neat!

That's your southern accent? What like Brighton. Plus, I'm knocked over by the miniskirt and bright red highlights. Did you get to pick all the background?

fishy said...

wow! wow! wow!
Aunty this is hilarious.
I see a new competition coming to the Porches!

moi said...

So cool! Are you also wearing a leopard print mini skirt? Saucy! You will, of course, tell us how you did this, right?

Icy worms is a great haiku, and, yes, gigged is one syllable.

Aunty Belle said...

LOL! Lol.

Doan'cha jes' know thas' the real Aunty? In red streaked hair, an' leopard print mini atop red knee socks? An all this time I'se been hidin' mah Brit-girl accent? (Chose Brit-Girl for PamOKC, hee hee,)

Thanky fer the clarification on "gigged", Foamy an' Moi. I think 'tis too, but in case some is of another mind, I wanted to hedge mah bet.

Fishy!! What an Idea...hmmn... mayhap I will invite y'all to an animation celebration.

Aunty Belle said...


Thanky. T'wuz fun. Spoof is one route to nursing home relief. Lemme tell ya'.

yup. Same type of animation software. Hilarious fun, but mah learnin' curve was loooong. But....long sessions in nursing home wif' Granny will turn a person a little batty.


huh? ya mean all this time ya REALLY thought I wuz a backwoods cracker-folk in a long gingham skirt over mah brogan boots? An' ya never detected mah true British hip edginess?

Karl said...

No, I envisioned a silk evening gown with a lilt of French Mediterranean.