Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hiaku Monday

O'er Bethlehem dark
Angels we have heard on high
Behold! Divine Light

Hiaku Thursday is now Monday (wif' a Tuesday extension this week of transition). Come play wif' us at the
Troll's Stroll.


moi said...

Beautiful! Both the haiku and the drawing. Who is the artist?

Aunty Belle said...

Thank you Moi!

The artist listed is Elaine Drew--water color with pen and ink. The artist does "mystical" subject matter an' truth is, I like the art, but would pick a bone over her message --or at least her emphasis. Note the spires? Prominence given to Islam--I git that she meant to portray a modern city divided by that which ought to unite--but, puhlease.

fishy said...

Hi Aunty,
Well I agree with Moi your haiku is beautiful. As the Light should be.
The art?
Not so much.
It rather disturbs so I've assumed it depicts the before not after.

Aunty Belle said...

Congratulations Fishy!! Really cool that ya snagged K9's basho.