Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesday: 2 Sci-Fi's

Boxer-Babe is our Movie Maven. Each Wednesday she sets a theme fer us--visit the other participants by checkin' out Boxer's place.

Ain't 100 % shure CHILDREN OF MEN qualifies fer sci-fi...maybe more like futuristic. Set in about 2050. This film could also be used fer the Worst Adaptation from a Book- based on the P.D. James book of the same title, but the film story ending is quite different--ah, Hollywood. Still, the atmospheric dread, the barbarism of hopelessness, the acting/casting all work together to offer a very sobering cautionary tale. Anyhoo--with one in five European men having fertility troubles, ain't shure the premise is fiction either, though the science of the problem is real enough.

It makes a good bookend for I Am Legend with Will Smith--another near future reality-fiction.


Buzz Kill said...

They've been playing Children of Men on Encore or Starz or one of those channels, but I have yet to see it. So I really don't know what it's about.

I did see I am Legend and it was OK. I liked the Chuck Heston version, The Omega Man a lot more. Glad to see you're getting out and about more.

Happy MCW!

Boxer said...

hey, you weren't late at all. It was still Wednesday. I haven't seen Children of Men, but I agree with what you said about creating space between man and other worlds that give us a chance to look at things differently. Er, I think you said it better. So did Chickory.

:-) Thanks for playing and Happy MCW!

moi said...

I've seen both of these and Children of Men is worth a couple viewings. I Am Legend I like because, well, Will Smith is a cutie and I'm a zombie film fanatic. But I hate it when the dog bites it in movies.