Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Haiku Monday: Solitary Retreat

Monday August 13th. Our Haiku Monday is hosted by the Fishy at her pond --theme is Solitary Retreat. Please check out the entries an' come play next week.

Nothin' is more solitary that a pilgrimage. Even iffin' youse wif' other pilgrims, it be yore own journey. Aunty is most partial to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, or The Way.  Long afore Martin Sheen made his movie, Aunty done trekked across the Pyrenees along the Route du Napoleon ( Gasp!!) I nearly kilt mahself, so of course, I had to do it again ( well a goodly section of it) wif' Uncle who din't believe I'd ever made it over them mountians wif'out him--well, I showed him--he 'bout kilt hisself too that first day. 

An' I'se got a pang in mah heart forevermore--Youse gonna see the world an' what it means differently, youse never the same afterwards.

When Autumn gold crowns
The Pyrenees: Look, pilgrim!
God dances with His world.

But, then, y'all, I is a Floridian, an' the ocean's eternal rhythm has its own claim...


On ocean’s azure
Edge,  minds meld to eternal
Hope: Vernal sunrise.

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diana said...

Beautiful post! Love your photo haiku, as well as the written haiku. I've been to the Pyrenees .. Sigh .. I think part of my soul still resides here.
And then I was born in your neck of the woods .. Well, Lakeland. And you are right. There's nothing like the rhythm of the ocean.
Once again, lovely post.