Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In yore dreams, Project Runway, in yore dreams


Ladies, if ever a fella knew how to dress a woman's form, Saab ranks near the tippy top. I ain't endorsin' his failure to put petticoats under them shiny gowns, but ain't nobody ever put a bow on the back of yore waist so elegantly. I'se curious--which ONE would ya wear if yore ship ( or two or ten) came in?? Me? That second black one on the Fall Winter 2011-2012...but take a look at the color palette in Spring Summer ( Haute Couture) an' ain't them spare architectural settings fer Spring Summer, and the music perfect?


An' the coppery wonders in his ready-to wear???


chickory said...

that was an interesting show. the music and setting had a vibe that reminded me somehow of handmaids tale. there was beauty and then you know, an eyes wide shut like subtext. enjoyed it.

chickory said...

I am talking about the opening show -all the gowns? thats what I meant in my first comment. In my free association I imagined there was heat fueled plague just beyond those rarified walls - the models were so dewey.

from Beirut to Paris. isnt that interesting! His ready to wear day dresses are amazing - you better be fit though. These clothes do not appear to have been designed for a 14 year old boy which is refreshing..beautiful clothes. I love your fashion posts. Your tip on Blumarine is fondly remembered.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy Chick9. Have ya ever seen so many gowns that you'd akshully WEAR? An them day dresses? sigh...how utterly elegant, feminine....Saab clearly appreciates the female form.

Chick9, heh--I seen the Bluemarine flagship store in Paris, fabulous wibdows--Aunty pressed her nose right on the glass, but the little match girl, she doan go in. Gerhahahaha!

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Aunty Belle said...

heh--went back an' listened to the music--plague outside the walls--ha!

But did ya also watch the winter collection? need to rummage around an' find mah NARS--the coveted gold--see them eyes on the models? dot yore face now, wif' shiny other wordly lights.


chickory said...

it (dotting face with reflective) doesnt work that well on wrinkles. I looked at the "resort". imagine needing resort wear. my resort wear is "cutoffs". you know, it would be great to be a trust fund baby.Id be all over this designer. I'll go check out winter. Aunty, you find the best clothes.

moi said...

Elie Saab has flown under the radar for years, but is enjoying a resurgence of late. One of the Sunday morning news shows recently did a spot on him, and his new perfume (while not my taste) is also doing very well. I love his stuff, and, like Chickory, would wear it given a certain lifestyle. Although, again, I'm always looking at high end designers for ideas on how to translate certain of their looks for my life.

I'm not really a ball gown type gal (on the few and far between occasions in my life I've had to attend a fancy/schmancy event, I've gone the silk pants, cropped tuxedo jacket route), but I do love a beautifully done sequined anything, so I'd take that black beaded, boat necked, cap sleeve #48 gown from the Fall/Winter collection in a heartbeat.

chickory said...

I loved the gowns with the sheer fabric at the neck and bodice with the tight on hips and then gentle flow to ground. in the shell pink was nice. But that bone color he uses in winter is terrific. I'll take the little dress suit thingy with the peplumish flourishes.

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, Chick9,

this designer makes me wanna dress up again--an' thas' sayin' somethin' fer this ole bird.

I did love that dress too Chick9--classsssssy!

An' Moi--I wanna see ya in that cap sleeve lovely thang.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

The shoes, I can't believe those shoes. Aside from being ugly, none of those models walked with any grace. It's like the clomped along the runway, trying to keep their balance without their back hurting. I just don't understand. and why do they seem so unhappy?

As far as the dresses go; #30 was best, #16 was ok and #39 was good, but I wasn't hot on the fabric.

moi said...

Okay, finally had time to take a good look at all the shows. I'd take every single one of the green gowns. That color! So beautiful. And David Bowie accompanying RTW Spring 2012? Super cool.

@Karl. Those shoe are ugly? The t-strap Mary Jane throwbacks to the 1940s and 1950s? I would have thought you'd dig that style. Good on ya for having the huevos to make a comment, though :o)

As for unhappy, runway models are usually instructed to remain expression neutral so as not to detract from the clothing.

Karl said...

@ moi: Perhaps it's the 2 or 3 inches of sole added, but primarily I believe it's a loss of grace. Ginger Rogers and Myrna Loy glided over the floor. These young ladies don't glide.

Aunty Belle said...


Hi Hi!

I wondered iffin'I had offended ya' somehow--ain't seen ya in a coon's age.

I agree wif' ya--these platform shoes doan make fer no graceful glide. Plus, the proportions is off--the platform sole IS clunky lookin'. A regular spike heel oughta be sufficient height.

But like Moi, I'se very impressed that ya looked at the gowns--wow. Number 30? Black and white? i6? The red? ya mean the Spring Summer Collection? Oh I luv luv knowin' which gowns a fella sees as beautiful. Uncle also like 39- but I ASSURE ya he wouldn't let Aunty wear suc ha see-through thang (back when thar wuz somethin' to see)

Moi--ya looked at 'em all?? Fun huh??

fer short, 32 in Spring/summer--oh oh oh...that swingy cape back??

an in RTW spring summer--17 is fabulous design, though I doan luv the yaller.

As fer the green YES YES ! Mah favorite color is green--# 33, the green suit?--of course the Bowie Cat People (green eyes) fit that perfectly. Heh.

Chick9, yep==this designer glorifies the feminine form, never tries to contort or destroy or caricature the girly.

Whar' was Saab when Aunty were a young lady? Sigh...

pamokc said...

Grrrr. Google just ate my post. I came by to say that I have been looking at these runway shows for the past 2-3 days. Am in love with these creations. My faves are #12, #33 and #37 ... the straight neckline on that LBD? LOVE. These dresses are very feminine without being over-the-top, or what I called flashy feminine in my post that was eaten by blogger. The color pallette in that watercolor print? SIGH. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing these! I love the shoes myself!

Aunty Belle said...

hey PamOKC!! So pleased ya made it over heah to looky see at these fashions--ain't they to die for???

The shoes? well, they's sorta pretty but...cay ya walk in 'em? I cain't.